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The Danish Meteorological Institute's (DMI) Open Data Application Programming Interface (API) provides free and open access to DMI’s data. Data will become available in stages (see release plan below).

If you want to download large quantities of data, we recommend that you use DMI’s bulk download service.

This site provides all the information you need to register as a user and start using the API. You can also access information on data sources as well as the OpenAPI specification of the web services currently available.

Please also visit

API and Bulk Download Services

General Information

Release Plan 








Raw weather observation data, e.g. wind, temperature, and precipitation data from DMI owned stations located in Denmark and Greenland. 

Raw oceanographic data from DMI owned water level stations in Denmark, as well as data from the Danish Coastal Authority.

Lightning data from DMI's lightning detector network. 

Quality controlled observation data from Denmark and Greenland. 

Data from DMI's weather radar network in Denmark. 

Weather and marine forecast data from DMI's own models. 

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