General information

The Danish Meteorological Institute (“DMI”), which holds the intellectual property rights to meteorological data provided through "DMI's APIs and Bulk Download Services" (“data”), provide a right to use data on the terms set forth below.

By using data, the user accepts the terms of use of DMI’s meteorological data, irrespective of whether the user himself has obtained the data via DMI’s APIs or Bulk Download Services. If the user uses DMI’s data, the user has further accepted the terms of use set forth below for the use of DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services to retrieve data.

The terms are governed by Danish law and Danish jurisdiction, and any dispute between the user and DMI in connection with these terms of use, including disputes concerning the existence or validity of the terms of use, shall be solved in accordance with the terms.

Any disputes between the user and DMI the parties shall initially seek to resolve amicably between them. If a dispute fails to be resolved amicably, it shall be settled before the Danish Institute of Arbitration in Copenhagen in accordance with the rules of arbitration procedure adopted by The Danish Institute of Arbitration and in force at the time when such proceedings are commenced.


The data

Data provided through DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services, includes meteorological observationdata consisting of point measurements from DMI’s measuring stations in Denmark and Greenland. The data provided also includes oceanographic observation data from tide gauge stations owned by DMI and the Danish Coastal Authority. Observation data are raw, not quality assured meassurements, which may be faulty due to the way they are collected. The use of observation data shall be with regard to the fact that the measurements may be faulty. You can read more about the data, the collection of data, the sources of error and the quality of the data here.

Data in DMI’s databases may change over time, for instance due to the identification of errors resulting in the repopulation of a given database.


Use of data

DMI provides a worldwide, free, non-exclusive and in other ways unlimited right to use data, which may be freely:

  • copied, distributed and published;
  • combined with other material;
  • used for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The data may not be used in a manner in which DMI appears to endorse, support, recommend or market the user, the user's products or services.

The user shall ensure that use of data is in accordance with Danish law.

Data with DMI as source may not be changed but may be included as input in data processing.

DMI’s data are updated regularly, and it is the user’s sole responsibility to ensure the use of updated data.


DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services for retrieval of data

In order to use DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services for retrieval of data, you have to register as a user.

When using DMI’s data for development of applications for mobile units, continuous updating of the application with data via DMI’s web service must be avoided. Applications for mobile units may not update with data via DMI’s web services when the application is not active. 

DMI’s web services are placed on a platform which is designed to support many users at the same time. At the same time, quick response times are expected.  However, you share DMI’s web services with many users, and you may therefore experience variations in the response time and capacity.

DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services are generally designed to be available 24/7, and DMI will endeavour to ensure such availability at all times. DMI reserves the right to have service windows for maintenance but will seek to limit this to an absolute minimum.

DMI reserves the right to set up detailed terms in relation to “fair use” (i.e. normal and reasonable use) of DMI’s open data services, including the right to adjust the bandwidth for individual IP addresses if these strain DMI’s services to a disproportionately wide extent.

DMI reserves the right to suspend a user’s API key if these terms are breached. 


Source of reference

When data are used, the user must insert the following on a reasonable and visible place suited for the distribution media:

  • If data are used in a raw, quoted or recognisable form in text and graphic products: “Source: DMI”.
  • If data are used as input in further data processing: “Based on data from DMI and subsequently processed”.
  • To ensure that “DMI” appears as the source on the front page of the service if other sources are also mentioned on the front page.
  • Time when the data were retrieved from DMI.


DMI’s rights and responsibilities

The data are made available "as is", and DMI is not liable for the contents and origin of the data nor is it liable for any errors and omissions in the data, including for any loss or damage caused by use of data or breakdown on the distribution platform.

DMI does not guarantee the continued availability of data and may at all times change the right to use the data and the terms in this respect and the right to use the web services.


The terms were updated on November 16th 2020.

Privacy policy

To use DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services for retrieval of data, you have to register as a user. DMI is data controller in relation to the personal data which DMI registers in this connection and personal data registered in connection with your use of DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services. DMI ensures that your personal data are processed in accordance with legislation.


DMI’s contact details are the following:


Lyngbyvej 100

DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø

Telephone: +45 39 15 75 00


Types of personal data

When you have registered as user, DMI will collect and process the following general personal data on you:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Whether the user is a citizen/public authority/private business/association
  • CVR no. (if provided)
  • Industry and domain


Logging of your traffic, i.e. your requests to DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services covers:

  • IP-address
  • The API key used
  • Query parameters used (URL)
  • The time of the request


Purpose of data processing

We collect and process the above personal data for the following purposes:


To guide, maintain and optimize

  • We use your data to be able to guide you on the use of DMI’s open data services.
  • We use your data to ensure that our web services work as intended, for instance by locating and fixing any problems.
  • We contact users in connection with service windows, breakdowns and version changes on DMI’s open data services.

Development of new services

  • We use data from existing services, including information about which industries are using DMI’s data, in order to help us develop new services and improve our non-commercial services.

Estimation of socio-economic gains and other statistical analyses     

  • By analysing the use of our open data services, we gain insight into the socio-economic gains by providing DMI’s meteorological data for free. Similar statistical analyses may also become relevant.


Legal basis

The legal basis of our processing is Article 6 (1)(e) of the General Data Protection Regulation.


For how long will we store your data?

Logging of requests to DMI’s APIs and Bulk Download Services is stored for up to 60 months and is thereafter deleted.

Contact details provided in connection with the user registration are deleted as soon as your API key has not been used for the last 12 months, or if you ask DMI to delete you as user.

At any time you may ask DMI to delete you as a user resulting in the deactivation of your API key and the deletion of the data registered about you. Out of consideration for traceability in relation to information security, deletion will not cover data registered in the logging of requests to DMI’s open data services.


With whom do we share your data?

DMI has an implemented IT security policy, and we will protect your data against loss or change. Your contact details will not be disclosed, sold, leased or otherwise made available to others. 

We use a number of external suppliers of e.g. operation of IT systems, including Staten's IT. These suppliers may have access to your personal data, and DMI has concluded processor agreements with these suppliers in accordance with the Data Protection Act. 


What are my rights? 

You are entitled to get access to the personal data processed about you, to have incorrect personal data corrected and to have data deleted if you no longer wish to use DMI’s open data service.

You may also object to our processing according to the conditions of Article 21 of the Data Protection Regulation.

In certain situations, you are entitled to have the processing of your personal data limited. 

If you wish to exercise your rights under the data protection legislation, you may contact us via the contact form on

Do you have any questions concerning your data?

If you have questions concerning your data, you may contact DMI or the data protection officer of the Ministry of Climate, Energy and Utilities, phone no. +45 72 54 57 41. 

How do I complain?

You are also entitled to complain about our processing of your personal data to the Danish Data Protection Agency. 

Danish Data Protection Agency
Borgergade 28, 5.
DK-1300 Copenhagen
Phone no.: +45 33 19 32 00

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