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Supported browsers

The sign up and login flows below have been tested with Firefox, Chrome and Edge (Chromium based), so any of those are known to work.

After API subscription the API key is used for calling the APIs and a web browser is no longer required. Any client that can perform HTTP calls should work.

User Creation 

Getting started guide:

Before you start consuming data from the API, we ask you to:

  1. Register as a user in DMI's Developer Portal
  2. Register an application in the Developer Portal and get your "API Key"
  3. Save the API key somewhere safe, because you need it every time you make a request for the API. Otherwise you will not be authorized by the API.

1. Register as a user

  • Purpose: The goals is to get registered as a user in DMI's Developer Portal
  • When you are done: You are not completely done after step 1 - you just have a user and a password. You still need to go through step 2
StepActionScreen dump
  1. Go to (please open the link in another window).
  2. Press the Login icon in the top right.
  3. Press "Register" to register as a new user.

  1. Type in the necessary fields in the registration formular
  2. Press "Register" when you are done.


Please read the terms and conditions

Press Accept

Note: After this, you have an account in Gravitee. Don't leave the window, because you need to continue in step 2.

2. Get your API Key

  • Purpose: The goal of this step is to get you "API Key", which is a password, you need every time you make a request for DMI's API. Otherwise you will not get authorized by the API. 
  • Other information: The API Key is linked with an application that uses the API. 
  • When you are done with this step: When you are done with this step, you can start using the API
  1. Continue in the same window from step 1 - or go to
  2. Click on the API gallery icon in the top left
  3. Choose the service you wish to subscribe to, e.g. metObsAPI
  4. Press the subscribe icon

  1. Click the select an application drop down menu  and choose Default application
  2. Press the Subscribe icon

  1. Find your API Key under "step 3".
  2. Copy the API key and save the key somewhere safe. You will need it every time you make an API request. You can always log back onto the developer platform on and find the API Key under your subscriptions.
  3. Please note that you need seperate API keys for each API, that you wish to subscribe to.
  4. Try to use the API Key in a query by going to Request & Response Examples for a guide on how to generate your request - including how to incorporate your API Key into the request

Find your API Key

  1. Go to The Login Page
  2. Press Login


If you are not logged in (and you are presented with the screenshot on the right), follow the sub-steps below: 

  1. Type in your email and password
  2. Press Log In

  1. Press on the user icon in the top right
  2. Press "Applications"

  1. Press on the "Key" icon in the left sidebar menu, which presents your "Subscriptions".

  1. Under subscriptions press on the API, for which you would like to know your API Key (for example: metObsDMI")

  1. Find your API Key under "API Keys" in the buttom.
  2. Copy the API key
  3. Try to use the API Key in a query by going to Request & Response Examples for a guide on how to generate your request - including how to incorporate your API Key into the request

Retrieve your password if you have forgotten your password
  1. Go to The Login Page
  2. Press Forgot Password
  1. Type in your email
  2. Press Submit
  3. Now you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to create a new password. Follow these instructions.

Deleting your account

If you wish to delete your user to DMI’s open API-services, please contact us by using the contact form at Please state that you wish to have your account deleted and specify the email of the user account.

You will receive a confirmation once your account has been deleted. Processing time can be up to 5 working days.

About User Access Management

Description of the concepts of User Access Management for DMI's APIs

This section briefly introduces User Access Management for users of DMI's APIs.

DMI's Open Public Data APIs use Gravitee for User Access Management. Gravitee uses some concepts for handling user access management:

Consumer / User

When you use the API, you are a "consumer". Information about the consumer is represented in your user account with the following information:

  • User type (citizen | company | government | union)
  • Name (e.g. "Anders Andersen", "TV2/DANMARK A/S", "Digitaliseringsstyrelsen" or "FOA")
  • CVR number (only relevant for companies or government entities)
  • Business type (only relevant for companies or government entities)
  • E-mail (used when you want to login to the development portal)
  • Password (used when you want to login to the development portal)


A consumer application is an intermediate level between a consumer and an API and is used by the consumer to subscribe to that API before being able to consume it. As a consumer, you can have several applications. An application can consume data from different APIs by subscribing to the APIs through a so-called "plan".


A plan provides a service and access layer on our API for the consumer applications. A plan specifies access limits, subscription validation mode and other configurations to meet the specific applications needs. DMI uses a simple plan for the services called "API Key Plan", which enforces verification of the consumer application's "API key" during request processing, letting only apps with approved API keys access DMI's APIs. This plan ensures that API keys are valid, have not been revoked or expired, and are approved to consume the specific resources associated with the API you subscribe to. The API key plan represents a very simple security mechanism. The purpose of requiring an API Key is to uniquely identify consumers of the API, and thus to be able to determine how different users use our API. The API plans for our APIs are free, but DMI reserves the right to revoke access for certain applications, if the Terms of Use are exceeded. 


An API in Gravitee's terminology refers to an API Service such as for example the Meteorological Observation (metObs) service. There can be several plans for one API, but in most cases, DMI will only have a single plan for one API, since all functionality is free.

Illustration: The model below illustrates the relationship between an "Application", a "Plan" and and API. - Plan diagram

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