Below the release notes for the metObs API can be seen. Each release note will represent bug fixes, improvements and features that are introduced in the new version compared to the previous version of the API. Versions that are no longer in service will not appear on the list.

VersionRelease DateFixesImprovementsNew Features
v2Feb 6th 2023

Meteorological data refreshed with a few station changes:

  • Stations moved: 05510, 06116, 22232
  • Stations no longer active: 20561, 30187

Bulk download is re-built and complete.

v2Oct 3rd 2022
Data has been refreshed.

Bulk download is re-built and complete.

v2Aug 30th 2022

We are happy to introduce a new version of our bulk download service for meteorological observation data. The bulk download service let you download data as .zip files, containing all historical available data, data for a year or a month.

The new version of the bulk download service for meteorological observation data has the same format as the bulk download service for climate data.

The data in the .zip files is identical in old and new bulk download service.

Main differences between the old and the new bulk download service are:

  • Data in the zip files is one file per day instead of one big file. This makes it easier to quickly find data for a range of dates.
  • Year and month files are in a subfolder per year to make it easier to get an overview. This also means that any references to monthly files need to be updated to include year in path. (…/bulk/ -> …/bulk/2022/
  • New .zip file per year
v2Mar 15th 2022Maximum offset has been decreased to 500.000 due to poor performance with larger values. See offset documentation under Request & Response Examples (metObs)

v2Mar 10th 2022

Meteorological data refreshed with more stations:

06118, Sønderborg lufthavn
06104, Billund lufthavn
06080, Københavns lufthavn
06190, Bornholms lufthavn
06120, H.C.Andersen Airport
06170, Roskilde lufthavn
06070, Århus lufthavn
06180, Esbjerg lufthavn
06034, Sindal lufthavn
06108, Kolding lufthavn
28188, Næsbyhoved-Broby
06018, Harald By
06023, Gorm C

Station 06184 Danmarks Meteorologiske Inst. has been removed.

v2Nov 2nd 2021Weather codes on page Codes (metObs) has been updated for the codes 100-199 as there was some discrepancies.

v1Oct 18 2021metObs v1 service has been closed. Please see information on the metObs v2 service here: Meteorological Observation Data

v2Feb 23rd 2021

We are happy to introduce a new version of the metObs API, which provides free and open access to DMI’s meteorological observation data.

The new version is aligned with the services for oceanographic observation data and lightning data, and follows the OGC API - Features standard.


The release consists of:

  • MetObs v2 API
  • MetObs v2 Bulk Download Service
  • Technical documentation

Main differences between metObs v1 and v2 are:

  • metObs v2 is similar to the other DMI open data services - uses same data schema as oceanObs v2 and lightningdata v2.
  • metObs v2 API follows OGC API Feature standard
  • time formats are RFC3339
  • result set has 'next' link to next page in results
  • metObs v2 results are not sorted unless requested via sortorder
  • metObs v2 supports queries based on bounding box - see bbox parameter in the Request and Response Examples
  • metObs v2 does not support sorting in ascending order (this has to be done by client)
  • Observations return GeoJSON with the geometry property set for applicalble data (this makes it possible to immediately see from where the observation came without querying the station list)
  • in metObs v2 the datetime parameter includes both the ‘to’ and the ‘from’ endpoints, where in metObs v1 the ‘from’ parameter was included and the ‘to’ parameter was not
  • metObs v2 does not return 204 on empty results. Empty results are 200 OK, but with empty feature list and numberReturned = 0.
  • metObs v2 stations list contains station history – see more on the Station specific Request & Response examples page
  • metObs v2 parameter list endpoint has been removed - see list here

A 6-month transition period is planned, where both metObs v1 and v2 services will be active. MetObs v1 will be retired on August 31st 2021.

v1Jan 7th 2021

Introduced a limit on the request offset, so no offset can be greater than 1,000,000.

This change prevents the API from returning an error due to connection timeout, and will instead give the user a "400 Bad Request" response.

This change results in the API behaving slightly different, if you query very high offsets.

v1Dec 14th 2020Observations for station 30414 has been added - this station had previously no observations.

3 new parameters introduced:

  • temp_max_past12h
  • temp_min_past12h
  • wind_max_per10min_past1h

Please see detailed description here. Parameters are present on current and historic data.

6 new stations introduced:

  • 06052
  • 20552 
  • 23360
  • 28032
  • 28280
  • 32175

Please see station list here.

v1June 23rd 2020

We are happy to introduce DMI’s Open Data metObs API which provides free and open access to DMI’s meteorological observation data.

We hope that you will benefit from our data and use it in new and exciting ways.

The release consists of:

MetObs API

MetObs Bulk Download Service

Technical documentation

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