Below the release notes for the oceanObs API can be seen. Each release note will represent bug fixes, improvements and features that are introduced in the new version compared to the previous version of the API. Versions that are no longer in service will not appear on the list.

VersionRelease dateFixesImprovementsNew Features
2.0November 1st 2022

Oceanographic observation data has been expanded with quality control labels. 

Please see more about the quality control here:

2.0August 30th 2022

We are happy to introduce a new version of our bulk download service for oceanographic observation data. The bulk download service let you download data as .zip files, containing all historical available data, data for a year or a month.

The new version of the bulk download service for oceanographic observation data has the same format as the bulk download service for climate data.

The data in the .zip files is identical in old and new bulk download service.

Main differences between the old and the new bulk download service are:

  • Data in the zip files is one file per day instead of one big file. This makes it easier to quickly find data for a range of dates.
  • Year and month files are in a subfolder per year to make it easier to get an overview. This also means that any references to monthly files need to be updated to include year in path. (…/bulk/ -> …/bulk/2022/
  • New .zip file per year
2.0April 19th 2022

Oceanographic data refreshed with more stations:

23131, Juelsminde Havn II
27083, Ballen Havn II
22008, Udbyhøj Havn I
28231, Slipshavn II
28547, Bagenkop Havn II,
31061, Rødvig Havn II,
30015, Hornbæk Havn II

Bulk download is currently rebuilding and is expected to be complete shortly.

2.0January 19th 2021

Introduced a limit on the request offset, so no offset can be greater than 1,000,000.

This change prevents the API from returning an error due to connection timeout, and will instead give the user a "400 Bad Request" response.

This change results in the API behaving slightly different, if you query very high offsets.


November 17th    2020

We are happy to introduce DMI’s Open Data oceanObs API which provides free and open access to oceanographic observation data from DMI and the Danish Coastal Authority.

We hope that you will benefit from our data and use it in new and exciting ways.

The release consists of:

OceanObs API

OceanObs Bulk Download Service

Technical documentation

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