The parameters available for download are listed below along with a description and the unit of the parameter. 

The difference in the three sea level parameters lies in the reference level.




Data update frequency

Available for Denmark

Recommended use
sealev_dvrcmSea level relative to DVR90 (Danish Vertical Reference 1990)10 min*xRecommended when looking at data from DMI's stations after January 1st 1997
sealev_lncmSea level relative to local zero for the station10 min*xRecommended when looking at data from DMI's stations before Januar 1st 1997
sea_regcmSea level registration10 min*x

Recommended when looking at data from Kystdirektoratet / Coastal Authority. Data fra the Coastal Authority is measured in DVR90.

tw°CWater temperature10 minxWater temperature is a support value, which is required for calculating the sea level for a certain type of tide gauge. The water temperature is measured inside the harbor at a depth of a couple of meters relatively to the undisturbed sea surface. The measurement is therefore not standardized and should be used with this reservation. 

*Since medio 2001 sea level has been meassured every 10 minutes. Before that sea level was meassured every 15 minutes, 30 minutes and for the oldest data every hour on the hour. 

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