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It is possible to get the station list through the lightningdata service by calling the station endpoint. See API documentation for endpoint.

Lightning stations

The lightning sensors available through the lightningdata service are listed below. The sensors available are the sensors that DMI owns.

Data from 3rd party sensors is used in the triangulation of the lightnings point of impact but is not distributed through the lightning service. These 3rd party sensors do however appear with their individual sensor numbers in the list of sensors having registered the individual lightning stroke.

NameStationIdSensorIdStation typeCountryOwnerStatusLatitudeLongitudeActive From
Bornholms lufthavn322492Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive55,057387114,7813474101-06-2000
Bovbjerg Fyr240215Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive56,513831858,1192176101-06-2000
Gedser316224Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive54,5688454911,9430955122-06-2007
Hellebæk300261Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive56,056807412,5380487701-06-2000
Rømø261293Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive55,172397718,5494802201-06-2000
Sindal200776Lightning sensorDNKDMIActive57,4885262910,1373751801-06-2000

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