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About Codes

Some of the parameters can assume special values which are not to be taken literally, but are codes for special cases or conditions. The codes currently in the system are listed below.

Precipitation codes

The parameters acc_precip, max_precip_past24h, acc_precip_past12h, acc_precip_past24h and max_precip_30m return the amount of precipitation within the given period in mm with the exception of the codes listed below. 


traces of precipitation, less than 0.1 kg/m2

Wind direction codes

The parameters mean_wind_dir & mean_wind_dir_min0 return the direction from which the wind blows in degrees, where north is given as 360. 


Cloud cover codes

The parameter mean_cloud_cover is reported in oktas (eights) and is the fraction of the sky covered by cloud of any type or height above the ground.



00 oktas - no clouds
101 okta or less, but not zero
252 oktas
403 oktas
504 oktas
605 oktas
756 oktas
907 oktas or more, but not 8 oktas
1008 oktas - full cloud cover with no breaks
112Sky obscured by fog and/or other meteorological phenomena

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