Below the release notes for the climate data API can be seen. Each release note will represent bug fixes, improvements and features that are introduced in the new version compared to the previous version of the API. Versions that are no longer in service will not appear on the list.


Release date



New Features

2.7June 28th 2022

Data with parameterId corrected_acc_precip has been removed from the dataset. This parameter is a special product and is therefore not part of DMI Open Data. Access can be purchased through customer support.

For stationValues there are no longer invalid values with 'max_precip_30m' in the dataset.

2.6Mar 15th 2022Maximum offset has been decreased to 500.000 due to poor performance with larger values. See offset documentation under Request & Response Examples (climateData)

2.5March 9th 2022

Climate data refreshed with more stations:
06104 Billund Lufthavn

06190 Bornholms Lufthavn

06080 Esbjerg Lufthavn

06120 H.C. Andersen Airport

06180 Københavns Lufthavn

06170 Roskilde Lufthavn

06118 Sønderborg Lufthavn

06108 Kolding Lufthavn

06070 Århus Lufthavn

Station 06184 Danmarks Meteorologiske Inst. has been removed.

2.4February 7th 2022
Climate data for 2021 has undergone the yearly quality control for Danish stations. Please see more about quality control of climate data here.
2.3October 27th 2021

We are happy to introduce our expansion of DMI’s Open Data climateData API, which now includes climate area data. For details on what area data is, see this explanation.

The release consists of:

  • climateData API extended with new endpoints for area data
  • Download service for area data
  • Technical documentation

Known issues in this release:

We are still working on verifying the final version of the 10 km grid data.

2.2June 29th

Bulk download service is now available for stationValues.
2.1June 24th 2021
It is possible to filter by qcStatus and validity. Please see Request & Response Examples for further details.

June 15th 2021

We are happy to introduce DMI’s Open Data climateData API which provides free and open access to stationValue data from DMI.

We hope that you will benefit from our data and use it in new and exciting ways.

The release consists of:

  • climateData API containing stationValue data
  • Technical documentation

Please note that the bulk download feature for climateData is not part of this release. It will be released as soon as possible.

Please also note that it is not possible to filter by 'qcStatus' and 'validity'. This will be possible in a future release.

Known issues in this release:

  • For stationValues with the parameter 'max_precip_30m' there is a small amount of invalid values in the dataset. We will fix this issue as soon as possible.
  • 'calculatedAt' is not updated in the dataset, if the value is unchanged after recalculation.  

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