Below the release notes for the radar data API can be seen. Each release note will represent bug fixes, improvements and features that are introduced in the new version compared to the previous version of the API. Versions that are no longer in service will not appear on the list.


Release date



New Features

v 1.127th of january 2022

Volume and composite files have a new property which is also queryable: scan type.

The scan type of a radar image is either full range or doppler, and tells you the scanning range of the radars in the image. For full range images the radar range has a radius of 240 km, while for doppler it is 120 km. For additional details, see link.

For more on how to query the API for scan type, please see either "Service documentation -> OpenAPI specification" or "Service documentation -> Request & Response Examples".

v 1.014th of december 2021

The radardata service is released with 180 days of historic radar data. There are are a few radar data files missing - we are working on patching these with archived data where possible.

As mentioned here ( half of the volume and composite images have smaller size due to doppler scan. We are working on showing this in the Features properties and adding the ability to filter on radar range in the API endpoints.

Please note, that our radar data files to some extent differs from the ODIM HDF5 standard in relation to metadata. DMI is in 2022 planning on using a newer version of ODIM HDF5 standard, where the issue in relation to metadata will be fixed.

At this time the service does not have an API-endpoint for the stations. Information about the radar stations can be found here.

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