The parameters available for DMI's wave model WAM are listed below along with a description and the unit of the parameter. 

BandIDParameter codeUnitDescription
1245 WIND m s**-1 10 metre wind speed
2249 DWI  degrees 10 metre wind direction
3229SWH  Significant wave height
4231 PP1D Dominant wave period / peak period of 1D spectra
5232 MWP  Mean wave period
6221MP2sMean zero-crossing wave period
7230 MWD  degrees Mean wave direction
8234SHWW Significant height of wind waves (sea)
9236 MPWW Mean period of wind waves (sea)
10235 MDWW degrees Mean direction of wind waves (sea)
11237SHTS Significant height of total swell
12239MPTS Mean period of total swell
13238MDTS degrees Mean direction of total swell
14253 BFI  Benjamin-Feir index

The parameters are available for the three WAM areas Danish Waters, North Atlantic and North Sea-Baltic, respectively.:

  • /forecastdata/collections/wam_dw
  • /forecastdata/collections/wam_natlant
  • /forecastdata/collections/wam_nsb

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