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About Forecast Data

In 2022 DMI plans to release the open data forecast service. The forecast data service will include data from DMI's operational models covering forecasts for the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice (see figure below).

Weather Model (Harmonie): Forecast data for temperature, dew point, clouds, precipitation, pressure, and other atmospheric parameters for the days to come.
The model will be available for two different model areas that cover Denmark and Greenland respectively.

Wave Model (WAM): Forecast data for wave height, wave direction, wave period and other parameters.
The model will be available for three different model areas: Danish waters, North Sea and Baltic Sea, and the North Atlantic Sea.

Storm Surge Model (DKSS): Forecast data for current, water level, salinity, and other parameters.
The model covers Danish territory.

Arctic Sea Ice Model (HYCOM-CICE): Forecast data for current, water temperature, sea ice, salinity, and other parameters in the Arctic area.

Planned Releases

Forecast data will be made available through several releases during 2022, where our wave model has already been released. DMI is in the proces of mapping what data the services for the individual models will contain. 

Currently DMI's operational models are run on DMI's super computer. In 2022, the DMI is migrating it's forecast models to a new super computer alongside developing and releasing the open forecast data service. The time line for the release of the forecast data service depends on this migration. Additionally, there can be changes in the data format, model area, and model resolution in connection with the migration.

In the table below, you can see when the different forecast models are expected to be released as well as what data will be available for the individual models. The table will be updated throughout 2022.

Release Date


API Type


Model Area (Model Resolution)


Forecast Length

Number of Model Runs per Day

April 27th 2022

Wave Model




1. Danish waters (~1km)

2. North Sea-Baltic Sea (~5km)

3. North Atlantic (~25km)

Please see the parameter list

132 hours


June 15th 2022

Storm Surge Model




1. North Sea - Baltic Sea

2. Inner Danish Waters

3. Wadden Sea

4. Limfjord

5. Little Belt

6. Roskilde/Isefjord

Please see the parameter list

120 hours


Q4 2022

Arctic Sea Ice Model






144 hours


Q4 2022

Weather Model






60 / 66 hours


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